RGA for Professionals

The IIJA Registered Gemologist Appraiser for Professionals is designed for those who have earned gemological diplomas from other accepted schools. It is composed of four courses: Introduction to Watches, Created and Treated Gemstones, Personal Property Appraisal and Evaluating Damage Jewelry. The Introduction to Watches and Created and Treated Gemstones courses are intended to bring your gemology education up to the level required for our Registered Gemologist Appraiser program. The Personal Property Appraisal and Evaluating Damaged Jewelry courses are unique in the industry and are required of all RGA candidates.

Program is available as individual courses that can be paid one at a time, or the RGA for Professionals package  for single payment registration is $1,095.00, a savings of $285.00 off the total individual course price.

To earn your IIJA Registered Gemologist Appraiser Diploma you must complete the following courses and practical program:

  • Introduction to Watches,
  • Created and Treated Gemstones,
  • Evaluating Damaged Jewelry,
  • Personal Property Appraisal
  • Final Appraisal Exam 

Program Requirements

This program requires the student to have completed a recognized gemological education from a recognized institute or school as listed below:

  • Canadian Institute of Gemmology
  • Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences
  • Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology
  • Gemmological Association of Great Britain
  • Australian Gemmological Association
  • Canadian Gemmological Association
  • American Gem Society
  • Gemological Institute of America
  • For other accepted schools or institutes please contact the IIJA office.

Courses are delivered online through HTML5 mobile friendly and responsive presentation to allow you to study via any format, and via PDF Adobe Reader files. There are no other books or other materials required. Gemological equipment is required to complete the practical exam.

Introduction to Watches

Course: ISG105
Lessons: 6

Created and Treated Gemstones

Course: ISG104
Lessons: 14

Evaluating Damaged Jewelry

Course: ISG108
Lessons: 8

Personal Property Appraisal

Course: ISG107
Lessons: 16

Exams, Certificates and Diplomas

Here is the information on how you complete the RGA program.

Certificates and Diplomas:A Certificate of Completion is awarded to the student after successful completion of each course. The Registered Gemologist and Registered Gemologist Appraiser diplomas are awarded after completing all courses, final exams, and practical exams. Final exam for the RGA for Professionals program includes a jewelry appraisal final exam sent to you for completion and return to the IIJA office for review.

Registry of Gemologist Appraisers: Through our Jewelry Adjuster partnership in the insurance industry, the IIJA maintains a Registry of our Registered Gemologist Appraisers and Registered Gemologists to the insurance industry. 

Advanced Insurance and Gemological Lab Support: The IIJA maintain outreach programs to the local insurance industry for our graduates. Additionally, we provide advanced gemological lab services to our graduates to help them maintain top level credentials and services within their market regions.

2 Year Re-Certification: The IIJA Registered Gemologist Appraiser and Registered Gemologist titles require re-certification every 2 years. The re-certification process includes a refresher course, updates on the latest industry developments and an exam to insure the title holder is up to date with the latest information and developments of the industry. This is standard operating procedure of all insurance related industries to maintain professional standards. 

IIJA Logo and Link: It is also required that RGA and RG title holders maintain the IIJA logo and link on their websites as part of the graduate support of the IIJA.

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