IIJA Student Registration Contract

Please read this information fully before enrolling in the IIJA. This agreement establishes your rights and responsibilities as an IIJA student.

The IIJA Course Program was established for (1) those who would like to begin your education in gemology with the final goal of attaining the IIJA Registered Gemologist Appraiser or IIJA Registered Gemologist programs, and (2) those who would like to study certain aspects of gemology or jewelry appraisal without committing to a full course program. The IIJA Courses are presented in mobile friendly format here on this website: www.instituteofappraisal.com, which has been established specifically for IIJA Course delivery. If you choose to register for an individual course and pay your tuition fee, you will be able to begin your study immediately.  Those registering for the RGA or RG Program Packages, please allow up to 24 hours for your New Student File to be completed and your codes sent.

Completion of the IIJA Individual Courses will apply toward earning your IIJA Registered Gemologist Appraiser  or IIJA Registered Gemologist Diplomas if your goal is to complete those programs. 

Access to Courses After Completion will end. Once you complete a course and receive your IIJA Certificate of Completion, your access to that course will end. We encourage you to download the course notes via “Print as PDF” for your future reference as access to the course will end upon your successful completion of that course. 

Certificates of Completion are awarded for all courses in the IIJA Individual Course Program. You will be able to print a temporary certificate upon completion of the course, with your full IIJA Certificate of Completing being sent via US Postal Service within 2 – 4 weeks. 

2 Year Re-Certification: The IIJA Registered Gemologist Appraiser and Registered Gemologist titles require re-certification every 2 years. The re-certification process includes a short refresher course and exam to insure the title holder is up to date with the latest information and developments of the industry. This is standard operating procedure of all insurance related industries to maintain professional standards.  It is also required that RGA and RG title holders maintain the IIJA logo and link on their websites as part of the graduate support of the IIJA.   

Gem Equipment Requirement: No equipment is required to complete the IIJA Individual Courses. However, once the Individual Courses are completed and the student would like to complete the RG or RGA Practical Modules programs including the practical testing exercises and final exams for the RG and RGA, it is required that you have access to gemological equipment. Please contact the IIJA office for any questions on this issue. 

Legal Jurisdiction. The Insurance Institute of Jewelry Appraisal Inc. is an independent, non-profit education corporation established in the State of Texas, registered in Bexar County, Texas, USA, and approved as a 501(c)3 Non-Profit, Tax Exempt charity. It is agreed that all parties will abide by the laws of the State of Texas in all matters relating to this agreement, and that in the case of any dispute, the legal jurisdiction of resolution shall be Bexar County, Texas.

Right of Cancellation. The Student has the right to cancel this agreement within 3 days (72 hours) of registration, based on the laws of the State of Texas, USA and the elements of this agreement.  By registering for IIJA Courses the student acknowledges that you have read this Student Registration Agreement, the Student agrees to all rights and limitations set forth in this agreement. The Student further agrees to not make any attempt to create a credit card charge back after this 3 day time limit. The student will have access to the written course notes sections in order that a full evaluation of the course material can be made during the initial 3 day time period. Full refunds will be given to anyone who requests same within this 3 day review period based on the above.  Anyone experiencing extenuating circumstances may call the IIJA office and we will work with you whenever possible.

Maintain Services. The IIJA agrees to provide the courses in a 24 hour internet based format, and to provide all due diligence in maintaining the website services, course quality, timely customer service, and support for The Student. IIJA office hours will be 0900 until 1400 hrs CST Monday through Friday. 

Hold Harmless. The Student agrees to hold harmless the IIJA and all employees for loss of service due to internet service provider problems, Acts of God, Acts of War, criminal acts against the website by hackers, and any other problems resulting in loss of access to the IIJA internet courses that are beyond the direct control of the IIJA.

Respect of Copyrights. The Student agrees that the IIJA course materials are copyrighted by the IIJA, and further agrees to not copy, publish, or otherwise disseminate the IIJA course materials for any reason other than their own personal study and reference. Any violation of the IIJA copyrights by the student will require the student to pay all legal costs and expenses for the IIJA to defend our copyrights and recover our damages.

Professional Conduct Code. The Student agrees to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner at all times when dealing with other students and IIJA staff members. This includes, but is not limited to, emails, forums board participation, and phone calls. Violations of the professional conduct agreement may lead to temporary or permanent suspension at the discretion of the IIJA.

Registration Activation: Individual Courses begin immediately.  Once you complete the IIJA Registration Form by creating an account with this website, you will be able to start your course immediately by accessing it through your PROFILE page. For any questions please contact the IIJA: 210-695-5520.

By completing the IIJA Course Tuition Payment you acknowledge and agree to the above Student Agreement Contract and agree to abide by the conditions of registration as set forth.

Please note: The IIJA Individual Course program is protected by SSL Certificate. All information provided or requested is encrypted for your internet safety. We do not ever share your information in any form to any other parties.