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IIJA and Meiji Techno Microscopes

Offers the only Limited Lifetime Warranty of any gemological microscope, including the GIA!

In 1988, 30 years ago, I purchased this GIA-Gem Instruments microscope you see at left.

In 2008, 20 years later, I used this same microscope to take the microphotograph you see in the banner at the top of this edition that blew open the Tibet andesine fiasco. You can see the Dixie cup immersion cell I used to take the image still on the base of the microscope at left. The image above proved that Tibet andesine was a costly fraud, and began the long road to exposing the reported expedition to a “Tibet andesine mine” to be a hoax.

Many of the microphotographs you see in this newsletter are still taken with this….now 30-year-old microscope.

The GIA no longer sells this microscope………but we do. We are the gemology industry’s authorized Meiji Techno Dealers.

It’s made by Meiji Techno and it’s the finest quality microscope on the market for the following reasons:

  • It has always been made by Meiji Techno of Japan.  Famous microscope names like “Leica,” “Bausch and Lomb” and others have been bought and resold many times over the years. It is a fact that you have to know what year these microscopes were made, to know which Chinese manufacturer to contact in hopes they still offer parts that fit. This is not the case with Meiji Techno Microscopes.
  • I can get parts from Meiji Techno for what is now a 30-year-old microscope, within 48 hours to this day.
  • The Meiji Techno optics are far superior to anything else on the market.
  • It carries the only Limited Lifetime Warranty of any microscope.
  • It has the widest field of vision of any gemological microscope on the market.
  • It comes standard with magnification to 90x, higher than any GIA model.
  • It is the last microscope you will ever have to buy.

Rather than give a long drawn out presentation, I will let the microphotographs do the selling of the Meiji Techno quality. All were taken using our Meiji Techno microscopes. Below is a view of included crystals in a spinel.

Below: A beautiful view of an included crystal in garnet with the intersecting needle inclusions.

A wide field of vision makes photography at lower magnifications far easier as seen in this parcel of Brazilian emeralds donated to the IIJA by Bear and Cara Williams.

A 90x view of an included crystal in beryllium treated sapphire showing the concentration of the iron and titanium that reformed around this included crystal during heating, forming the diagnostic “blue halo”.

A remarkable view of lily pad inclusions in natural peridot. Again at 90x the formation of the lily pad inclusion around the included crystal is seen in detail unmatched by any other microscope on the gemological market.

Today we have our Enwave Raman built on top of a Meiji Techno MX microscope and have upgraded to the Meiji Techno GEMT2-BFDF as seen below. A Limited Lifetime Warranty, finest optical quality, and fast availability of parts 30 years after purchase… one else can touch that.

When you are ready to buy the last microscope you will buy for the rest of your life, visit our website at the IIJA eBook Gemology store by clicking on the images below. We could sell cheaper Chinese made models like the other guys, but we are professional gemologists who look for quality as well as affordable price. That is why the IIJA (through our original website) has been the primary gemology industry Authorized Dealer for Meiji Techno for the past 17 years. Visit us and learn what quality microscopes are all about. Meiji Techno microscopes start at just $2355.00 from the IIJA.


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