Individual Course Program

How to Study With the Individual Courses Program

The IIJA Registered Gemologist Appraiser and Registered Gemologist Programs are available for you to take one course at a time to spread out the total cost of the program, or if you would like to study a single course without committing to a full program. Many students would like to take a single course for  their own learning and enjoyment, and the individual courses allow you to do this. Others would like to spread out the cost and time requirements of the packages, and the individual courses allow you to do this. The benefit of spreading out the programs with individual courses allows you to spread out the cost over as long of a period of time as you require. Taking the programs by individual courses will result in higher total tuition due to the administration costs of individual courses. However, the ability to spread the time and tuition over a longer period of time is important to many of our students, which is why we make it available here.

Please Note: Be sure you understand the difference in cost of the single payment program package, and the total cost of the program if taken by individual courses. Add the total of the courses and practicals module you wish to take as individual courses, and compare that to the single payment program cost of the program of interest. Taking the RGA or RG Program Single Payment Package will save you significant money in the long term. If that is not possible, the individual courses will serve your needs.

How to Begin Your Program

To begin your IIJA RGA or RG Program please follow this two (2) steps:

  1. Visit the RGA or RG Program Package pages from the drop down menu above: “Program Information” to determine which program is right for your education needs. Remember, you can complete the Registered Gemologist program first, then continue on to the rest of the courses to complete your Registered Gemologist Appraiser program without having to go back and do the RG courses over. Once you complete the RG Program, if you would like to continue you will simply take the next course in the RGA program. Once you decide which diploma you would like to earn, go to Step 2:
  2. Go to the All Courses drop down menu above and decide which of the courses in that program you would like to start first, and simply start. Registration is easy and once you pay the tuition for that single course you will start immediately. Your Student Profile will keep track of your progress and you will be able to complete your RGA or RG Programs by taking individual courses.

Its easy to begin your study by taking individual courses. Just go to the course you are interested in starting, register with your tuition payment and start immediately.

We are glad to have you join us in the Insurance Institute of Jewelry Appraisal and look forward to working with you.

Robert James FGA, GG
President, Insurance Institute of Jewelry Appraisal Inc.
a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Education Organization