IIJA/IGA Gemstone Summer School

a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Education Organization 7 June 2019

Gemstone Summer School is Now In Session!
Thanks to donations from Wendy Huber, Five Star Jewelry Brokers & Gemologists and Rosemary Gimbel, (in addition to regular donations from Lisa Poulson, Ruth Buys, Deborah L ODonnell and many others) we are pleased to report that starting June 11 Tuesday night online school is back in session! We have the funds for the whole summer! Starting that night at 8:00 pm Central Daylight Time we begin our joint IIJA and IGA Gemstone Summer School. This is a real-time, online classroom where we bring you special information, images, sharing, and fun. You will meet other IIJA/IGA students and graduates online and have a fun hour of learning and sharing.

Each week we will choose a short list of gemstones and look at some of the following:

  • Where the gemstones form
  • How the gemstones form,
  • The various qualities and sizes available in the market
  • Current market conditions and availability
  • Current market prices
  • Special selling techniques for each gemstone

This is in addition to reporting on research and investigations as we have done for years.

The IIJA/IGA Gemstone Summer School is free to all IIJA and IGA students and graduates. Click the link below to visit the classroom and register in advance. Please do not wait until class time to get registered.

We wish to thank all of the many wonderful donations that have come in over the past few weeks. To see these please see the listing below, or visit our IIJA Donations Page and join that page by sending your tax-deductible donation to the IIJA to help us keep these services going.
Get your pre-registration completed before summer school time by clicking the link below.

To view our list of contributors please click the link below. The list is being populated for the latest donors so if you do not see your name please contact us immediately.

Thank you to all of you for your continued support and participation.

Robert James FGA, GG
President, Insurance Institute of Jewelry Appraisal Inc.
a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Education Organization

We wish to acknowledge and thank all of our 2019 Financial Donors to date. We could not do this without you. Please review the good folks making this happen, and consider making your tax-deductible donation to help by clicking the icon below.


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Five Star Jewelry Brokers & Gemologists

Rosemary Gimbel

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