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You asked for it, and we are delivering! The IIJA Gemology Express is an intensive, hand’s-on experience in gemology and gem identification that will set your career on fire. This is a continuation of our commitment to providing high-quality gemology career education at prices that everyone can afford.

IIJA Gemology Express is coming to Dallas, Texas 

Dates: January 21 – 23, 2019.

Location: To be announced.

Tuition: $500.00 includes all three days and everything you will need.

For more information, read below.

Date and Location

When: January 21 – 23

Where: Dallas, Texas

Tuition: $500.00 complete

Location: To be announced November 1.


Tuition: $500.00 that covers all three days and use of all gemology tools and gemstones. Everything is included!


Includes the following:

  • Day 1: Gemology Tools and Techniques and Colored Gemstone Identification
  • Day 2: Created and Treated Gemstone Identification plus more Gem ID
  • Day 3: Diamond Grading, Colored Gem ID and more
  • All gemological tools provided. Nothing needed to bring with you.
  • Certificate of Completion when the class is completed.

Registration Information

Please read the following carefully regarding Registration:

The IIJA Gemology Express is open to anyone interested in learning about gemstones. Prior experience, training or knowledge is not required. However, all three (3) days must be attended. No exceptions. Anyone missing the first day of Gemology Tools and Techniques will be considered a withdrawal.

Tuition includes the use of all gemstones, gemology tools and study materials. Nothing required to bring with you.

Tuition does not include any travel, hotel or transportation.

Class size is limited to 20

Spouses are welcome at same tuition rate. There are no group discounts for this class.

Cancellations will be credited on the following schedule:

  • On or before November 15: 50%
  • After November 15: 0%

In the event the Gemology Express is canceled for any reason, we will refund all deposits and monies paid to date.

The IIJA Gemology Express event is made possible by the generous donations and support of Chatham Created Gems.  Click the Chatham logo at left to learn more about the highly profitable revenue streams available for your store from Chatham.

FitzGibbon Family Foundation: Classroom space for the IIJA Gemology Express is being made possible by a generous donation from the FitzGibbon Family Foundation.

Schedule of Classes

Here is the schedule of classes for the IIJA Gemology Express

January 21: Gemology Tools and Techniques / Gem Identification

We will spend a half-day going step-by-step through the various tools that are important to the successful gemologist and jewelry appraiser. We will start by working with the top gemological microscope in the world: Meiji Techno. Then move throughout the list of gemological tools to help you be more accurate and more time efficient with your gemological testing.

Then, we go to Colored Gemstone Identification using our state of the art gemological lab tools provided as part of the IIJA Gemology Express. You will have access to over 650 colored gemstones covering virtually everything you will find on the market today!

Experience and prior training not required. This class day is for experienced to novice gemologists. By the end of the day we will not have any novices in the room!

January 22: Created and Treated Gemstones / Gem Identification

Today we take a journey through the magical world of Chatham Created Gems, including created diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and so much more. Chatham Created Gems has donated a exceptional array of all types of created and treated gemstones, including those from many different sources, to make this hands-on class possible. No where else will you find the opportunity to get hands-on experience in the identification and grading of a full spectrum of created and treated gemstones. We will also have more time to practice your colored gemstone identification using our excellent gemological lab tools provided.

Experience is not required here as we will guide you through the amazing world of created and treated gemstones, and guarantee you will leave feeling confident about your ability to identify created and treated gemstones.

January 23: Diamond Grading and Gem ID

We will spend a half-day studying rough diamonds and diamond crystals, and grading loose diamonds to help you gain important experience and knowledge. We have lab graded diamonds, lab created diamonds, fancy shaped diamonds, Yehuda Diamonds,  HPHT treated diamonds, irradiated diamonds…well just about any kind of diamond you will find on the market…you will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience in the identification and grading.

The second half of the day you can decide what area will help you, and use the time to grade diamonds, identify more colored gemstones or study our wide collection of created and treated gemstones. 

Class is designed for professionals and novice. All will find an educational and challenging day of diamond grading.

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