IIJA ComVet Schlarship for Combat Wounded Disabled US Veterans

The Insurance Institute of Jewelry Appraisal Inc. is pleased to offer a full IIJA Registered Gemologist scholarship to any Combat Wounded Disabled Veteran of any US Armed Forces involved in active military operation anywhere in the world. Please read below for more information.

The ComVet Scholarships provide the full IIJA Registered Gemologist Program of gemological training, equipment, and support to combat wounded disabled veterans in an effort to provide training and assistance towards building a future in the gemstone industry. These full scholarships will be awarded one per quarter with a total of 4 per year. The IIJA ComVet Scholarships include:

IIJA Registered Gemologist Program:

IIJA Gem Equipment Package including:

  • IIJA Polariscope with conoscope
  • IIJA Refractometer
  • Professional 10x Jewelers Loupe
  • Diffraction Grating Spectroscope
  • Chelsea filter
  • Calcite Dichroscope
  • Miscellaneous measuring and handling devices

To Apply for the IIJA ComVet Scholarship:

Veterans must have access to a computer with internet access. All other materials and supplies will be included in the IIJA ComVet Scholarship.
To apply please send the following information to the address listed below which will be held in strict confidence:

  • Full Name, Address, Phone, and Email
  • Military Branch and Where Served
  • Type of Injury and documents to verify the status
  • Education Level
  • A short letter outlining your interest in gemology and how we can assist you including any questions about this program and any special needs with which we can assist.

Send to:

Attn: Robert James
Insurance Institute of Jewelry Appraisal
PO Box 1727
Helotes TX 78023

The IIJA Community thanks you for your service to the War on Terrorism and protecting the freedom of people everywhere. We appreciate this opportunity to give back to you for all you have given to us. Thank You….from all of us at the world wide IIJA Community.

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a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Education Organization