Exposing the Perpetrators

Most of you will remember the image at left, sent to my home along with a threatening letter to me and my family from the group you see here. This was sent just a few months after Colored Stone Magazine and I prevailed in the California Supreme Court in the Direct Shopping Network -v- Robert James, Colored Stone Magazine, et al., litigation regarding our research and reporting of the biggest gemstone fraud case in the history of the gemstone industry.

The image was taken in a Chinese restaurant in London, and was sent along with another group photograph taken at the Gem-A Conference. The attached letter ended with “We are watching you!”

At the time of this situation, I contacted Gem-A CEO James Riley and requested an investigation, since one of the images was taken at the Gem-A Conference. Mr. Riley requested that I submit a formal report to the Gem-A Board of Directors for an investigation. I wrote and submitted this report as requested.

That investigation never happened. I heard nothing.

Over the past few years I have continued to investigate this situation. Since the perpetrators are wearing these “Jason” masks, from the horror movie: “Friday the 13th” in an effort to threaten me and my family, I am not going to let this go until the perpetrators are exposed.

I am pleased to report that with the help of several good people around the industry, we have been able to identify virtually all of those behind this heinous threat to my family, and I am going to start exposing them here today, and in a couple of future follow ups.

Today…..Meet the Richard W. Hughes family.

It is no surprise to see Richard W. Hughes and Billie Hughes, along with Mrs. Hughes: Wimon Manorotkul, since they were at the heart of the Tibet andesine fraud with their contrived expedition reports that were proven to be fake by none other than the National Gem Testing Center of China, and others.

Since this attack was perpetrated by certain members of the Gem-A Conference in London who were also involved in the Tibet fraud, it was also no surprise to see Richard W. Hughes and Billie Hughes be a part of this vile attack against a Fellow of the Gem-A, in spite of rules that require proper behavior of FGA to FGA.

Gem-A CEO James Riley promised me a proper investigation of this matter to expose and deal with those responsible.

Nothing ever came of that promise. In fact, Mr. Riley suggested I stand down and get quiet about the situation.

Today, we start getting justice by exposing those responsible.

To quote Dylan Thomas:

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.