Exposing the perpetrators….Part 2

Before we discuss the image above, I want to give you a short time line of events that led up to this moment at the Gem-A Conference in 2012.

May 2012: I prevailed in the litigation: Direct Shopping Network -v- Robert James, et al., regarding my reports of Tibet andesine being a fraud.

June 2012: The group in this image, let by Tim Spauwen and Richard W. Hughes, set up a massive cyber-attack website against myself, my family and the ISG (now known as the IIJA). At a cost of over $3,000.00 I filed litigation against the website and prevailed in that action. The website was ordered shut down and the domain transferred to me. Shortly thereafter, Spauwen and Hughes moved the website to new domain, where I would have to pay another $3,000.00 to chase them down again.

November 2012: At the Gem-A Conference in London, this same group you see in the image below took the images you have seen today and last week, and wrote a threatening letter that they sent to my home, telling me and my family: “We are watching you”.

Last week I exposed the fact that Richard W. Hughes, his wife and his daughter, E. Billie Hughes, were among the perpetrators of this heinous threat.

Today, I bring you the rest of the story as we have it so far.

Meet Jeffery Bergman, former Vice President of the International Gem Society, owner of Thailand based Primagem, and “Keeper of the Masks” for the gobsmacked gang. We know that Bergman has been the right hand of Richard W. Hughes throughout this affair, as Bergman is a Thailand based gem dealer who is close friends with Thailand based Lotus Gemology, owned by Hughes. Bergman still has a few “Jason” masks in his hands, I suppose from not getting enough others to join in his little charade.


Also, please meet Tim Spauwen, computer guru of San Francisco based Lang Antiques. Tim is the computer brains behind the gobsmacked gang, and performs at the direction of Richard W. Hughes. Based in Holland where we originally traced the cyber-attack, Spauwen is listed in the Lang Antiques website as: “He also teaches gemology at the Technical School for Goldsmiths in Schoonhoven, the Netherlands.” I have to wonder if the Technical School of Goldsmiths in the Netherlands has a course on ethics?




Also present behind the masks in the two images or involved with this group in other ways are: Alberto Scarani, Mikko Amstron, Conny Forsberg and Juli Poli.  I will have more on them in my upcoming book.

The above situation is not something that happened long ago, it has been going on since May 2012 when I prevailed in the litigation, and continues to this day. The revenge sought by Richard W. Hughes and his crew is without end.

The last issue is the participation of Jewelry Television and Gem-A CEO James Riley in all of this. I will not bother you with all of this in any more newsletters. But that issue will be addressed in my upcoming book:

Gobsmacked! Exposing the dark side of the international gemstone markets.

Coming out in May, 2019


Coming May, 2019