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Registered Gemologist Package Program

Student Tuition and Registration

The complete IIJA Registered Gemologist Program is $1,695.00 complete, including all courses, practical module and exams.

This is the single payment tuition registration for the IIJA Registered Gemologist Program. This includes all 4 courses, and all practicals and exams. This package does not contain equipment. Equipment is available at a special discount price and can be purchased at any time.

Courses included in the IIJA Registered Gemologist Program: (click the image to visit the course home page.) All are included in the single payment price of $1695.00 on this page or can be purchased individually on the individual course home page.  The single payment price is $1695.00.Total by individual course is $2,075. Save $380.00 with this single payment package price.


Course: IIJA101
Lessons: 14

Colored Gemstones

Course: IIJA102
Lessons: 17

Gemology Tools and Techniques

Course: IIJA103
Lessons: 16

Created and Treated Gemstones

Course: IIJA104
Lessons: 14

RG Practicals and Exams Module
Hands-on training with the IIJA

Please allow up to 24 hours for your New Student File to be complete, and your access codes and information sent. Gem equipment is required to complete this program but is not included in this package. Equipment is not needed until you complete all courses. However, the IIJA Gem Equipment Package will be available to you when you are ready to purchase. You can purchase your Equipment Package from the eBook Gemology Store at any time at this link: eBook Gemology Store.

The Registered Gemologist Program is a one (1) year registration period.

Please Note: Debit card purchases of various amounts on the internet often require you to contact your bank in advance for approval. Please check with your bank if you have problems completing your registration with a debit card.

Remember: Allow up to 24 hours for us to complete your student registration and send you the RG registration access codes.