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Welcome to the 2019 IIJA RGA Re-Certification Course and Exam

It is required that all RGA title holders who completed their study before January 1, 2018 to take this Continuing Education course and exam to maintain their title. This course and exam must be successfully completed by March 1, 2019 to be included in the IIJA Chartered Personal Property Appraiser Registry.

This course has been modified from its original content as a Property and Casualty Insurance Continuing Education Course, originally certified in 2012 by the Texas Department of Insurance, course #88765. This course was updated and re-certified by the TDI in 2014 and 2016. It has been specifically updated for our 2019 RGA Re-Certification. It contains information on the definition and structure of fraud, as well as the categories in which fraud can occur in the jewelry and gemstone industry. Each section contains information on how home town, independent jewelry appraisers are the front line defense against fraud for consumers and the industry, and how to deal with fraud in your appraisal work.

The categories of this course are as follows:

  • What is Fraud?
  • Fraud by Gem Producer
  • Fraud by Manufacturer
  • Fraud by Jeweler
  • Fraud by Advertising
  • Fraud by Appraisal and Major Labs

You can download a PDF copy of each section using the icon at the bottom of the “Course Process” menu at the right of the page, and click on Lecture 1 icon. This will allow you to keep this material for ongoing study and review.

After completing your course study, click on the words: “Take Final Quiz” to access the link to the exam. There are 5 sections of 5 questions each, with each question worth 4 points. Passing grade is 70%. Each section is timed at 5 minutes for the 5 question section.

Once complete, go to your PROFILE page and you will be able to check your grade and download a temporary copy of your 2019 IIJA Re-Certification Certificate. The new certificate, valid for the next 2 year period, will be mailed within 4 weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: Print your temporary certificate in Landscape mode, you may have to shrink the image to fit your print screen. We cannot help format the temporary certificates to your specific printer.

Section 1Jewelry Fraud Issues 2019
Section 2Gem Dealers
Section 3Manufacturers
Section 4By Jewelers
Section 5Advertising
Section 6By Appraisal
Final Quiz