Gem Equipment 101...the DVD

Gem Equipment 101...the DVD brings you step by step, a 1 1/2 hour video instruction course of the 10 most often used pieces of gemological equipment. This video includes:

  • Proper care for gemological equipment
  • Actual video footage of the gemstone reactions through the various gem equipment
  • Techniques on how to get the most of your equipment.
  • Some extra "how-to's" that will make your gem testing easier
  • Demonstration techniques that will make you look more professional to consumers
  • Available on DVD only.
  • Plus...very important...this video uses only the ordinary hand held equipment used by most gemologists, to give you the best demonstration techniques. I did not use the big expensive equipment that gives reactions that are difficult to get without owning that expensive equipment. It is all shot with the least expensive, hand held equipment on the market. And I still was able to get the results you see below....and more!

    US$34.95 includes shipping.

    And as always...your money back if you do not learn something from this video. Robert James FGA, GG

    Here are a few snap shots from the actual video now available by Robert James FGA, GG, YourGemologist of

    Real time spectrums using a hand held diffraction grating spectroscope

    Polariscope reactions to DR stones, and how to find uniaxial and biaxial interference figures

    Advanced use of the refractometer to get optic character and sign as well as RI reading

    Demonstration of the wide field calcite dichroscope

    Many other items including hearts and arrows viewer, diamond testers, and lights.

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