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Registered Gemologist Appraiser Practical Module

practical set This course module includes the Practical Exercises and Practical Exams for the IIJA Registered Gemologist Appraiser Diploma. You must not attempt the practicals until all of your RGA required courses are completed and Certificates of Completion awarded. You will need the basic equipment package outlined in the Registered Gemologist Appraiser course syllabus page.

When you pay for this module you will be taken to the next section where you will find three sections:

Section 1: RGA Practical Package which includes the diamonds, pearls, colored gemstones and created & treated gemstone parcels that will be sent to you for grading and identification, and then returned to the IIJA office for evaluation. Once completed and returned, you may go to Section 2.

Section 2: 20 Gemstone Practical Final Exam. This is a 20 gemstone set that you must identify with a 100% grade being required for passing.

Section 3: RGA Practical Final Exam where we will send you two jewelry items to appraise and return to the IIJA for evaluation and grading.

You cannot order the Section 2 Practical Final Exam until you have completed the Section 1 Practical Package. Please read the instructions carefully in each section to insure that you understand the procedure for each.

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Section 1IIJA RGA Practicals Package
Section 2IIJA 20 Gemstone Practical Final Exam
Section 3IIJA RGA Practical Appraisal Final Exam